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Genre: French Autobiography/Drama

Rating: 5/5

Also known as A Bag of Marbles, this movie took my breath away. I was sucked in hook, line and sinker the moment I saw the trailer and waited impatiently for the release of the movie. I was so glad that it didn't let my expectations down at all. Yes, it wowed me to the very end.

I have always been a fan of survival stories and this one is about the true experiences of Joseph Joffo, a small boy who takes flight with his brother, Maurice from the invasion of Hitler's army into France during WWII . The movie follows their adventure as they travel from town to town, finding means to earn a living while concealing their Jewish identity.

There is truly nothing that can be said further about this movie other than it was breathtaking. The acting, scenery, script, music was all beautifully crafted. I understand there is an earlier adaptation of this autobiography which I haven't seen, so I can not draw comparisons. But I loved this one so much that it has certainly persuaded me to see the other. And also because I can't seem to get enough of A Bag of Marbles!

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