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Genre: Indian Comedy/ Drama

Rating: 4/5

Okay, I admit; I was slightly reluctant to see this movie. But I am a sucker for true stories and after a little digging on the real story of the Bombshell Bandit or Sandeep Kaur , the woman on which this movie is based, I was sold!

Sure, this is a loosely inspired version, but it is nevertheless a fun and entertaining one. I love that the director decided to take a light-hearted route instead of adopting for a darker adaptation, and once you see the movie, you understand why. The robberies are absurd, the pick-up lines are cringey, the racial stereotyping is in your face, but the fact that the lead character makes it obviously aware of all that has you beaming all the way to the end of the movie.

The plot is based on a young Indian migrant to the USA who becomes unwittingly addicted to gambling and resorts to accepting a loan from a loan shark in order to support her addiction. Her troubles begin when the loan shark demands for payment and she is forced to find a means to pay him back. Enter bank robberies.

The movie isn't a ROFL hilarity but it is certainly a fun one. It is a simple story, the lead character is beautiful and adorable, and the plot moves at a relaxing pace. It's a great movie for a lazy afternoon. I enjoyed it!

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