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Tormented by the rumors plaguing her once loveless marriage, young widow Emma Winston escapes to Breakish in the Isle of Skye with her two children. But her hopes of a new beginning is shattered as she finds herself torn between the man she once loved, her brother-in-law Richard Winston and wealthy, handsome playboy, Chris Cameron who threatens to destroy everything she's accomplished if she doesn't accept his offer of a convenient marriage.


Will Emma finally learn to follow her heart?

Marriage in name only



I absolutely enjoyed the meandering style that Clarissa Cartharn used in WINTER'S END. It could have been a fast read, but the wonderful descriptions of the isle left me wanting to just enjoy the scenery and live alongside the characters. - Donna McBroom Theriot



This is an enjoyable read that kept me interested and wanting to know what was going to happen until the last page. Definitely a page turner, and I can't wait to see what the author has up her sleeve for the next novel.I loved the addition of Isle of Skye and the love story is bound to have romance fans begging for more. - Amanda Haury




This is a perfect love story. A widow with two children move from London to the Isle of Skye, she finds more than Mrs Kinnaird. She finds Chris, the grandson of Mrs Kinnaird, whom Grandma wants to see married before she dies and according to her could be any day. She sets them up and the fireworks are not love at first sight. They hate each other but begin to feel something almost immediately. I loved it and will be on the lookout for more from Clarissa Cartharn, great job! Mary8808



I found this book a nice relaxing story, although if I am honest I enjoyed the second half far more. I loved that is was set on the tranquil island of Skye - which I have fond memories of. It was also nice to read a good old fashioned love story (with a smooth flowing writing style that was poetic at times), although I did find the ending a little quick, after the slower beginning phase. The whole way through the book I hoped Emma would find happiness, and I am glad her children got a loving new Grandma in the form of Ethel. If I ever visit Skye again, I will think of this book.- Woodie, Amazon UK Reviewer

I’m a guy and I still liked it!

I mostly enjoyed Winter's End…The descriptions of the Isle of Skye made me want to visit someday...It reminds me of the way Doyle sometimes wrote Sherlock Holmes: we couldn't solve the mystery ourselves because a single critical detail was left out until the end. Once we knew that detail, we could put the pieces together and have a hope of solving the mystery before it was revealed. Cartharn likewise leaves out critical pieces of her characters' backstory, leaving this male US American reader angry and confused until it all came together. At which point, I said, "Oh, well, that makes sense now.- Tony Breeden, Bookwyrm’s Lair,  Amazon reviewer


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Sometimes it takes a third to mend two broken hearts

Winter's End

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