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Genre: Bollywood Action/Romance/ Comedy

Rating: 4/5

Bollywood's comedy have often failed to tickle my palate but here is one that I quite enjoyed.

In the vein of Hollywood action comedies like Killers (2010) with Ashton Kutcher, Night and Day (2010) and Mr & Mrs Smith (2005), A Gentleman kept me entertained with its sassy comedy and mesmerizing action scenes.

Its two lead actors were perfectly suited to their roles with their well-toned physique, and their chemistry certainly sizzled via the screen. I appreciated that the actors didn't overdo their comedy scenes like I often do find in Bollywood comedies.

The movie is about Gaurav- a calm, law-abiding stickler, who is parallelly compared to Rishi - a contracted covert agent and an expert on handling guns and kicking asses. Since they are both played by the same actor, there definitely was a curiosity build-up as to the relationship between the two characters and at what point would their stories merge.

The beginning was mildly slow as the movie attempted to establish its characters and backstory. But once I stuck to it, it did successfully iron out all its confusions and I found myself enjoying the second half more than I did the first.

On the whole, A Gentleman was a highly entertaining movie I'd probably watch again.

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