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When losing the throne is not negotiable and protecting it, is the honor of the family


The Kingdom of Gammalon is taken siege by evil Lord Dravidor of Dark Vale. Its army has been driven out of the kingdom and now seeking refuge in the caves of Mount Kiznon. Their only hope lies in a man that lives in a different world- the present


.Jack O'Shea, the crown prince of Gammalon takes refuge in the present world upon directions of the General of the Gammalonian Army as they seek to reinforce soldiers and weapons after a gruesome battle with the Dark Vale army.Stuck in the present world for eighteen years, he has never spoken of his heritage to his children. So when he is recalled to save Gammalon, he least expects that his four children will be journeying with him to the World of Spassenia. As they cross the gates of dimensions, they enter a world unlike they've ever known-one where magic and power prevail over all who live in it. With perils at every turn they take, they must seek the alliance of the mythical shadow warriors of the Tsez Xian to win the war against Dravidor.But do the Tsez Xian warriors even exist or are they just a legend?



They stumble into a world of magic and land in the middle of a five hundred year old war



If you enjoy quirky characters, fantasy, and action you'll enjoy this book. I got this book for free for an honest review. I really liked the characters in this book. Jack and Rachel had a rocky relationship, and I actually felt like that added a lot of personality to this story line. Then you have all their children with such unique personalities. I loved the kids banter with one another. I absolutely loved the witches too. I thought they were funny! I loved the quick wit in this book.- Natasha House


Readers, you are not going to want to miss the amazing fantasy word Author Clarissa Cartharn has created. If you are a fan of Narnia, then you will fall in love with Spassenia!- Brandy N.



Clarissa Cartharn has written a great story that will interest all audiences--not just YA. A gripping tale with plenty of twists and turns, clever dialogue, vivid imagery, intriguing characters drawing off mythic motifs. From the opening to the strong ending, this is a captivating story. If you liked Narnia, you'll love Dynasty O'Shea!- J.P. Hansen



Jewels, a magical kingdom in another dimension, a family of interesting characters, secrets, magic, witching, articulate talking animals, and a battle for the ages await you in this fanciful read. The children of the in-hiding royal family of Gammalon are struggling to believe the secret of their royal heritage, when they are catapulted into another world and an adventure of epic proportions. - Cuddle Bug 'Loves to read'

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